Collaborative storage and parking

More than 1,000 safe and affordable spaces

 Sharebee is insured by Sovereign General

Close to you.
Whether it's for storage or parking, new spaces are added daily, providing you with even more conveniency in your area.
Up to 60 % cheaper.
At Sharebee, we work hard to give you more space at a lower price than traditional storage as your know it.
Peace of mind.
Sharebee has a civil liability insurance of 2,000,000$. Sleep tight.

Forget procrastination.

Whether it’s an empty room, a garage, a parking space, a basement or even a big closet, Sharebee offers secure storage and parking areas in your community that are up to 60% cheaper than traditional self-storage facilities. With an impeccable service and a rapidly growing community, Sharebee is the quick and easy way to make an extra income by sharing your unused space.


Sharebee offers storage and parking spaces for half the price of regular offerings.

« Sharebee found someone to rent my garage in less than a week! Everything was done almost automatically »

Betty, space partner

« Sharebee makes it easy to list spare space for free through a secure platform. I list more than 25 000 square feet of unused space on Sharebee. »

John, business owner

« It was easy and free to create a listing for my unused garage. The extra money I make while renting it pays for my end of the year trip! I love the concept of Sharebee! »

Marco, space partner


A community of more than thousands of self-storage and parking space partners.